About Bord Studio4We are where music, video and graphics come together. We compose the materials you bring to us and we create the product and don’t finish until you’re satisfied. We’ve had many customers pleased with our work and they give feedback on our site about their experience and service. There are so many events in life that you want to remember and if you have photos or videos that you’ve captured put that altogether with music and animation.

Our prices are reasonable and the quality of what you end up with is something you will go back and back to and enjoy. With 5 years of experience we bring the kind of sophistication to your memories and allow you to relive it all over again. Examples of the types of projects we are currently working on include a dermatologist, a model, organizers of a party and another project we are doing is a high school graduation with pictures and videos meant to be put together. Narration is another option for projects as well as music. Synching music and video together is not an easy job, but after many years of practice our professionals are some of the best in the field.

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