Music video photos


Bord Studio Music5This is the day and age where people can create a variety of interesting videos for themselves personally or professionally. Often when we do a project for someone, a musical background is needed. For example, a song-writer or musical artist wants to create a demo tape or arrange a song and we are trained to put that together for our clients. We can even compose songs that you want to include in your final product.

Give a video as a gift and include pictures of you and someone else or create one for a wedding or other special occasion. Peruse our musical creations on our website and get various ideas of a creative project that you may want to make for any variety of reasons. We will help you come up with ideas and show you all the latest technology that we have to offer to get your ideas flowing. Put music to your favourite movies or create a tape of music of any genre.



Bord Studio Videos1Are you having trouble putting together a video that you’ve tried to create but need some help completing? Let us edit and create a video to your satisfaction, whatever kind of project you are aiming to create. We develop interesting video greetings, introductions, we edit educational series like lectures and lessons for professors and teachers and more. Interested in a personal project like compiling Home Videos? Come and see the skills we have to add to your desired video as well as being fast and affordable we have proven to be a leader in our field. Videos can be shared on Facebook or on YouTube. Create your own funny video collection either with homemade videos or with funny videos you already like. Are cats your fancy? Compile all your favourite videos of cats and let us put them all together for you.





Whether they are current or past photos, create a collection of photos and put them together to express something meaningful just for you. We have both models and photographers that want photos compiled for professional reasons and our services are meant to be hand-tailored to your vision. We offer suggestions for those who are interested in what we have to offer. Look at our previous projects and get ideas for the kind of photo collage or collection you want to put together. Editing photos is another aspect of what we do as well as adding graphic designs to create things like frames or text. Doctors have used our talents for putting together albums for clients or for other professional reasons. Document an event or even a lifetime by collecting as many photos as you’d like to have assembled. Our rates are reasonable, and we are fast and efficient. Work with us to create the project you are wanting and let us give suggestions of what others have done in the past. Continue to check our website to see what we have to offer. If you want something done that we’ve yet to do, we will be happy to do it for you.