Our Work

Take a look at our work, we create videos with music and animation for our clients. We also can put together a demo tape for singers or actors. For models we can compile a collection of photos for professional work. Doctors have used our services for surgery compilations and we’ve been hired for various projects from parties and events. Check out what we can do for your next project. Our company is complete with highly skilled professionals who have been working for Bord-Studio for over 5 years.

Art Studio Bord Project photo1The kind of work we can do has many applications and we have many clients who’ve given feedback and have allowed us to display their work for future interested customers. The relationships we build with our clients goes a long way to work in collaboration together to create that perfect video or compilation of music or phots or both. We work closely with our clients and we are always looking forward to the next project we are hired to do. Our prices are reasonable for the quality of what we provide. If you are not happy with the end product, we will keep working till we get it right and it is completed to your satisfaction.

Art Studio Bord Project photo3We can make suggestions for any ideas you have that are incomplete and help you put together something that you can use personally or professionally. Our graphic designers are trained in the most current technology to provide you with the most up-to-date and stream-lined products. The sound quality is excellent, and our videos are of the highest caliber. Post your projects on Facebook or other social media to share with your friends and family. Do you have a selection of movies you like, and you’d like to put the trailers to music? We can coordinate music with video footage in a creative and compelling way. Is one of those movies, The Hangover?

Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we make exceptions to that rule. Put your favorite casino movies together for those who enjoy gambling to get you prepared for that upcoming trip to Vegas. Do you want to create instructional videos on how to play casino games, we can do this as well, if you happen to give lectures or are a teacher? Maybe a professor? We put together all kinds of products and hand-make a creation that is unique to you. Share our work with others by liking us on Facebook or Twitter, share a little blurb about us, we will be so appreciative.

Art Studio Bord Project photo7Our satisfied customers often come back to us with other interesting ideas for videos, music tapes and photo reconstruction. We can edit videos that you may have already that you aren’t happy with and we can also edit photos for better quality and for other reasons. Adding text or creating transitions is also something we do, and it can help break up time or organize information together. A “thank you” goes out to all our customers that have believed in us and have come to Bord-Studio and have shared our work with others and promoted us as a company. We are here for our customers first and foremost for capturing memories and expressions unique to you that you’d like to document or present to others.