photos of children4Hopefully by viewing our photos you will not only see the quality of our work, but maybe even get an idea of how to put together your project. As you look through you will be amazed at the vastly different projects we put together, but we can create a piece of work that is still unique to you. Parties, weddings, professional photos, we can compile them all together and not only put the work together, but we can even edit your photos and use graphics to frame pictures or to make breaks in pictures and possibly add text or words.

If covering a project that has taken much longer like videos of birthdays of your child we can use animation or visuals to signify a shift in time. Artists of all kinds have used our services as well like creating a demo tape for a musician, putting together professional photos for models and dancers. Another project we’ve been given is to create ads for promoting a casino in Vegas. It created an enticing look into the casino world and how it works. Whether at the roulette table or the poker table, maybe you’re at a slot machine, we create the right add to put that viewer right into the experience.

hurricane Katrina in Miami1When we’re small we play games, and nothing changes as we get older, we want to play games still and fortunately there are adult casinos in the US and Canada to cater to that playfulness. The added benefit we get as adults is to make a money gamble. Making a casino money bet puts something at stake on whether you win or lose. Often people lose, but there are some lucky, tricky people out there who can double, triple or even far better than that, win a lot of money! We have photos that can be promoted on social sites like Facebook or YouTube for professional reasons or merely for fun. Share your photos with all your friends and your family to keep everyone in the loop of where your life is going right now.

Put together a family Christmas Party video with holiday music or play your demo tape for that next producer to advance your career. Become a part of the process in stringing together your pictures to tell a story or show a progression through time. If you are a teacher or a professor and you want to create your own educational video we will help you put it together. Keep your students captivated by your face not only in the classroom but as a real celebrity on the television or the computer screen. Our prices are reasonable and even less for the type of quality you will find that Boyd-Studio puts out.

Check our news sections regularly to get ideas for new projects or just to follow what the creators at Boyd-Studio simply because you like our work. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and share our work with your friends and family. Are there songs you like, and you want to put video and graphics together to create a visually-appealing aspect to your music. There are endless ways to express yourself and we are here to help you do it.